Suspected Naxal held at Aminjikarai in Chennai

Chennai: The city police are conducting inquiries with an alleged Naxalite who was arrested from Nelson Manickam Road last night.

According to police, the suspect Gandharba Das worked as a housekeeper at a private hospital at Nelson Manickam Road. He is a native of Siliguri, Assam.

Recently, he was involved in a brawl with other employees from North India and he shouted at them saying he was a Naxalite and they should not mess with him.

His co-workers who were shocked on hearing this reported the matter to the Security Supervisor who happened to be a retired Assistant Commissioner of Police who took things forward.

Subsequently, a special team formed by a Deputy Commissioner of police arrested Gandharba Das. They searched his house and are questioning other workers in the city from his native place.

Sources said, Gandharba Das was earlier arrested in his native for allegedly sending disturbing and fake news on WhatsApp. Recently, he jumped bail, came to the city and took up a job. Police are yet to establish if he has any naxalite connection.

NT Bureau