Film review: Devarattam – Revenge drama

Komban fame Muthiah is known for making films in rural milieu laced with family emotions. No different is Devarattam. As the title suggests, it revolves around a particular community and speaks about travails faced by a youngster who goes on a revenge mode.

Devarattam bats for the need to fight crime against women. Set in Madurai, the movie features Gautham Karthik playing Vettri, a law graduate, who fights evils in the society. An eye-for-an-eye is his philosophy.

The movie boasts of a star cast that includes Manjima Mohan, Soori, Bose Venkat, Vinodhini Vaidyanathan, Agalya Venkatesan, Vela Ramamoorthy, FEFSI Vijayan and Raghu Adhitya among others. Bankrolled by Studio Green, the film has cinematography by Sakthi Saravanan and music by Nivas Prasanna.

Vettri who loses his parents at a young age is brought up his sister Peachi (Vinodhini) and his uncle Puliyuraan (Bose Venkat). They shower all their love on him. He lives in a joint family deep-rooted in traditions and customs.

Vettri comes to know that son of a local goon Kodumpaavi Ganesan (FEFSI Vijayana) tries to shield a rich boy, who played spoilsport on a girl’s life in the area. He kills both in a fit of rage. Now he incurs the wrath of Kodumpaavi Ganesan. It is a cat and mouse between the two.

Meanwhile, there is romance in the form of Madhu (Manjima Mohan), an advocate who practises in the same locality. Gautham oozes with energy. He gets to play a mass hero role. Action, humour, emotion and romance come naturally for him. Manjima Mohan plays a sedate role.

FEFSI Vijayan as menacing baddie fits the bill well. The likes of Bose Venkat and Vela Ramamoorthy chip in well. Muthiah should be commended for penning the emotional scenes involving brother and sister in an engaging manner. Nivas K Prasanna’s peppy songs add strength.

If the first half proceeds at good speed with twists and turns, the latter part is predictable and cliched. The revenge drama could have been handled better. It ends up a formula film from Muthiah’s stable.