Reports of him joining BJP are rumours, says OPS

Chennai: “Those who fear the grand victory that this alliance (led by AIADMK) is going to achieve are spreading rumours and trying to hurt my public life which is regrettable,” said O Panneerselvam yesterday dismissing media reports that he was quitting AIADMK and joining BJP.

The Tamilnadu Deputy chief minister brushed away the rumors by saying that they were a result of fear factor by those who dreaded the AIADMK-led NDA’s grand victory in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections. He asserted that till his last breath he would continue in the ruling party as people of the State and party workers have faith on him and they would not pay heed to such rumours.

Such reports were the result of “fear factor” among those who , the AIADMK coordinator said in a party statement.

Recalling his humble origin as the son of a farmer, he credited late chief minister J Jayalalithaa for his rise in the political career, and added that he and his family will be forever indebted to Jayalalithaa.

“I regret the fact that even neutral media are playing to the gallery of somebody saying I am going to switch parties. Those who plan to malign some one’s hard work, pride and dignity through false reports will be given a fitting reply by the power of people as well as the divine force I worship,” he remarked.

He further recalled the bonhomie between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Jayalalithaa. Common ideology such as patriotism and belief in God were the reason for Jayalalithaa’s ties with the BJP in 1998 and 2004. She played a key role in making A B Vajpayee the prime minister and late Abdul Kalam as President.

Even the present AIADMK-led NDA in the state which includes the BJP, DMDK and PMK among others was firmed up in line with the path laid down by Jayalalithaa, he said.

NT Bureau