Madambakkam Town Panchayat asks people not to sell well water

Chennai: In a move to ensure that the ground water at Madambakkam is not exploited, the Town Panchayat has asked the well owners in the locality not to sell water to private tanker lorries.

In a circular which was released recently, it said with the lack of rain, the neighbourhood may be subjected to drinking water scarcity in the future and hence residents should not to rent the water.

“Since few residents are selling the water from their wells, this affects the ground water table resulting in the depletion of water for the nearby residents as well. This is illegal and should be stopped with immediate effect,” the circular added.

Speaking to News Today, Madambakkam Town Panchayat Executive Officer S Loganathan said the circular was issued after several complaints were raised by the residents.

“Many people complained that tanker lorries were extracting water from the wells in Madambakkam which might lead to the depletion of water table. Following this, the circular was issued asking the well owners not to rent the wells for private water supply,” he said.

He further said, the circular seems to have a good effect as the tapping of ground water from wells has reduced in the past few days. Loganathan added that there is enough amount of water level in Madambakkam.

“The Madambakkam-Chitlapakkam combined water scheme is also nearing completion. Once it gets over, there will be surplus water supply for the locality,” he said.

Arjun, a resident said, the wells, mostly which were used for agricultural purposes are given for rent.
“The owners of the wells do it to earn quick money during summer, but they do not realise the long time impact it will have on the locality,” he said.

Similarly, Sembakkam Municipality Commissioner M Vasanthy said at present there is adequate water supply in the locality.

“There is no cases reported about private lorries taking water from agricultural wells in the Municipality limits. If at all there is any such case reported immediate action will be taken,” she said.

Meanwhile, residents of Sembakkam have asked the Sembakkam Municipality to replace old taps with new ones and carry out maintenance in the pipes through which water is supplied to the locality from two overhead tanks at Gowrivakkam and Kamarajapuram.

“Many residents use hose pipes to connect from the street pipes to their house storage. Some even have motors connected to the street pipes and draw water. This makes others suffer as the water comes slowly,” said Sri Vignesh, a resident.

Balasubramani Muniyandi