Blaze your style at work this summer

May is here and so are the hot days! With temperatures climbing way high, its time when we sweat and toil under the sun. These are the days when we take bath, freshen up, wear good clothes and head to work, only to get drenched by a layer of sweat within minutes.

Every working professional has faced this issue. After a point of time, it makes us feel that it is totally pointless to take a bath this summer.

Here are simple tricks to consider to look cool and fresh at work.

* Carry spare
Yes, this may sound absurd but carrying an extra pair of clothing in your bag might be a wise choice.

There are many professionals who wear a different set of clothing while commuting from home and change to their actual office attire.

If your office has facility to freshen up in the rest rooms, then this is an option you should consider. With a quick rinse, you can manage to kick your sweaty odor off your skin. Also, take a face wash and deodorant. Staying fresh is the key.

* Light up
It is important to opt for fabrics which absorbs sweat and at the same time makes you feel cool. Choosing to wear half-sleeve shirts are a good choice.

You can avoid sweaty arms and let air rustle around. So keep in mind to select shirts made of the right kind of material suitable for summer.

And as for the colours, choose anything light but never go for black.

* (Pant)ing legs
For obvious reasons, shorts are never accepted as a dress code in most work place and every working professional are bound to sport pants or jeans. But if you choose the right kinds of fabrics, you will sweat less and be more comfortable wearing pants than shorts. As mentioned earlier, stick for lighter colors this summer as they will keep you cooler when the sun rants out its fierce blaze. Also, wear your with a canvas belt instead of a leather.

* Foot loose
Leather is okay to wear in summer but suedes or canvas shoes will keep you much cooler. Its also better to choose sandals or slippers that have good breathing space for your feet.

Ankle socks might be a wise choice as it will prevent your feet from over sweating.

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