Chennaiite’s directorial venture ‘Karunai Kolai’ becomes a huge hit

R Aravind Kumar of Gajalakshmi Nagar, Chrompet, is on a high. For, the 23-year-old’s recent directorial venture ‘Karunai Kolai’, has become a huge viral hit on YouTube.

The youngster who is currently pursuing his B.Sc Statistics degree at Madras Christian College, speaks to News Today.

Excerpts from his interview:
Q) Tell us about yourself.
A) I will soon be completing my UG degree. Acting is my passion. It all started in school days, when I used to act in plays, stage shows and cultural events. Eventually, I began performing in minor roles. I have now directed a short film too, which is being well-received.

Q) How did you manage to learning film-making, while coming from a non-media background?
A) I learnt everything on my own. Actually, ‘Karunai Kolai’, was my second flick. We did another one six months ago, with the same one-liner. But since the film didn’t meet our expectations, we changed the script and made it into the current one.

Q) How long did it take for you to shoot the movie?
A) Two months approximately. We shot the film under the banner, ‘Power Dabba’, which is our pilot production company. We didn’t take much time, as we had the script and proper schedule in hand.

Q) Will you pursue your dream in films or get into a corporate job?
A) I want acting to be my profession. I’m working towards the same. Statistics is just to let people know, I have graduated. But my aim is to become an actor.

Q) Tell us about ‘Karunai Kolai’.
A) The title of the film explains it all. In this, the lead will be killing those who are suffering from pain. Whether it is right or wrong, is what the movie tries to convey.

Q) Few words about your production company.
A) Power Dabba was started with the aim of delivering quality visual content for everyone.

Q) Who is your inspiration in acting?
A) It’s Vijay Sethupathi. I love his realistic acting. I want to become like him.

Aravind Kumar can be reached at 94445 04979.

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