Chrompet residents seethe over poor water supply

Residents of Hasthinapuram, Radha Nagar and Ganapathipuram are increasingly concerned about the existing water crisis in the city.

After the poor rains and the early onset of summer, the demand for water has hit a high.
Speaking to this paper, Saravanan, a resident of Hasthinapuram, said, “The requirement in the area is huge. Every day after returning from office, I have to rush to the street corner to collect water from private tank lorries. I am paying my taxes to the government, but why am I being forced to purchase for my basic needs, at exorbitant prices from private vendors?”

The secretary of Federation of Civic and Welfare Associations of Pallavaram Municipality, Murugaiyan, said, “When a similar scenario occurred earlier, the then-Labour Minister arranged 25 lakh litres of water every day to Pallavaram Municipality to cope up with the scarcity. We need a move like that to face the problem. The insufficient supply from the ground level and the drying Palar waterbody too, has added to the woes. The situation is such that even if we are ready to pay, we are not able to get water. Hence, we request officials to take necessary steps to ensure regular supply to our area.”

A few residents also put forth the suggestion to distribute the water being sent to areas around Pallavaram.

“Pammal and Keelkattalai are getting adequate amounts. We want authorities to evenly share the supply with all localities.”

NT Bureau