Heartfulness Institute stresses on importance of mental health

Chennai: “In our day-to-day life, we go through lot of psychological tensions. For instance, even traffic congestion gives us immense restlessness. Most of the people who come in here are IT professionals and they complain of being stressed,” says Ananthi, one of the trainers at Heartfulness Institute at Manapakkam, near Porur, Chennai.

To create awareness on physical and mental health problems among the people of the neighbourhood, a programme was conducted by the institute on World Health Day earlier this month.

Ananthi says, “We have been offering heart-based meditation – known as ‘Heartfulness Meditation’ – for free of cost. This practise helps the visitors get relieved from stress.”

With more than 130 branches across the country, the institute conducts free health campaigns and wellness talks. Marathon events are also regularly held at Babuji Memorial Ashram in Manapakkam. “We do not need to run away from stress, rather we must learn the technique of running to stay fit physically, mentally and emotionally,” she says.

Talks on topics such as physical illness, benefits of yoga and exercise, importance of water and food intakes, health challenges faced by youngsters are held by professionals here. Apart from this, social awareness street plays are also performed by folk artistes, informs Ananthi.

Elavarasan, a college-goer, says, “The ashram is unique amidst the busy city and I visit here often. The entire place is filled with greenery and sets a good mood for the visitors. As soon as I enter, I am engulfed with calmness and positivism. Several programmes and health talks are held here. My favourite is the group meditation, which take place at 9 am every day. It creates magic.”

Venue: SRCM Heartfulness Meditation Centre, Babuji Memorial Ashram, Lalithamba Nagar, Manapakkam, Chennai.

For details, contact 044 4217 1111

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