Use of drugs by Pollachi students is wake-up call for Chennai cops

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Chennai: Close on the heels of a sex scandal in Pollachi that shocked everyone, it is now the news of as many as 159 students being detained by the police for allegedly using banned drugs during a rave party in the same town.

Though both are different incidents, yet the fact that it involved youngsters sent fear across the State.

Reports say that drugs, tablets and liquor bottles were seized from a party organised by college students in Pollachi a couple of days ago. It is said the students belonged to various colleges in Coimbatore and organised the rave party at the resort.

In a separate incident, a middle-aged woman was arrested at Villivakkam for selling ganja. She confessed to the police that she had been in the trade for almost five years and college students were her customers.

Speaking to News Today, Dr Jamuna Gabriel, a social activist, says, “It is sad to see youngsters fall victim to drugs. When it was available freely in a town like Pollachi, imagine its penetration in a place like Chennai.”

“Today, thanks to social media contacts, access to banned substance has become easy. A major reason for students taking to drugs is the pressure from friends who use them. It is for the parents to keep a tab on their children,” she adds.

Asked what steps are needed to overcome the problem, Dhanasekar, who runs a de-addiction centre near Chennai, says, “Cops must be vigilant. They should raid various resorts in and around the city regularly to see if drug abuse was taking place. They should keep an eye on parties during weekends. Unofficial get-togethers at farmhouses and resorts by youngsters should be monitored.”

He said the officials of the Narcotics Intelligence Bureau (NIB) should co-ordinate with the School and Higher Education departments and kick-off a State-wide campaign to increase awareness about the ill-effects of drug abuse among school and college students.

Recently, a senior police official had gone on record stating that nearly 10 per cent of the drugs that flows into the State, especially ganja, is supplied to college students. Hence, there is an urgent need to address the issue. Also students should be thoroughly monitored on campuses to check if they are taking drugs, he said.

For a better tomorrow, say no to drugs, he appealed to students.