Chennai Corporation engages in drive to seize plastic covers

Chennai: A team of four Chennai Corporation authorities engaged in a drive to seize plastic covers this week from commercial establishments that use them illegally in and around Anna Nagar.

Shops near Anna Tower and Ayyappan Temple were checked by the authorities. The shops that used and sold the banned single-use plastics were warned and fined. The team includes Bhavani, Kumar, Prabhu and Shiva Kumar.

The inspection began around 9 am and continued till 12 pm. Speaking to News Today, an official said, “We have been allotted areas by our superiors. We keep them updated on ground situation with constant reports. The act was much appreciated by the residents of Anna Nagar as it is making a remarkable change in their areas.”

However, vendors were really disappointed and frustrated by the strict measures taken by the authorities. They said it drastically affected their business and sales. This kind of inspection apparently takes place very often to ensure that shop keepers are not using any kind of plastic items in order to sell their goods.

The officials said, “There are many more teams in and around Chennai who have been allotted different areas to do the same job. We believe that this measure will bring about a positive and healthy change in the environment.”

The State government has banned the use of single-use plastic items in any form from 1 January and the Corporation has taken all kinds of measures to restrict vendors from using plastic items.

An official said, “Inspite of the government’s order to ban plastics, people, especially shop keepers are still using plastic secretively. However, the team along with the other corporation workers are keeping a keen vigil on the use of plastic items and are seizing them immediately.”

Article by Akshya Ramesh / Elakiya M

NT Bureau