Elderly couple dies one after another due to heat stroke in AP

East Godavari: In a tragic incident, a couple in their seventies hailing from Tallarevu village near Yanam town died due to heat stroke on Sunday.

The deceased were identified as G Kamaraju (75) and his wife G Subhadrama (70). Both were employed a private school.

On Sunday evening after reaching home from ork Kamaraju collapsed and even as his family were trying to take him to a hospital, Subhadrama too fainted. Both died within minutes of each other and were declared dead even before being taken to hospital.

According to a media report, East Godavari district on Sunday experienced temperature as high as 45 degree Celsius. The couple is survived by two sons.

In order to evade health issues due to the heat, district officials have issued an advisory to people asking them not to work in the open and keep a stock of glucose packets.

NT Bureau