Kalimark launches 30 new beverages

Chennai: Chennai based softdrink brand Kalimark launched 30 variants of aerated drink juices and food items under the Bovonto, Vibro, Zypsy brands in the city.

The products were launched by the brand ambassadors, chef Damodaran and actresses Nikki Galrani and Akshara Hassan, on Monday.

Kalimark, that has completed 100 years in the market, launched new products like coconut water, tamarind juice and corn flour under the brands Ilani and Zypsy apart from new products in the existing brands like Bovonto and Vibro.

“We wanted to introduce some drink in a tetra pack and it is hard to carry a tender coconut on the go. So we decided on packing Ilani in the form of a tetra pack and without adding preservatives. People usually prefer a good flavour like mango or lychee so we thought instead of adding flavor, we would add the exact pulp and we came up with Ilani plus mango, pineapple and Lychee,” said CEO of Kalimark, Prabhakar, as he described the new range of products.

Chairman of Kalimark, KPR Danushkodi mentioned that Kalimark is one of the very few brands that is safe for children and he also added that the new range of products are sure to grab the market this summer.

NT Bureau