‘Neeya 2’ to hit screens 10 May


Raai Laxmi, Jai in Neeya 2 Movie Photos

The wait is finally over. Neeya 2, a sequel to 1979 hit titled the same, would be out 10 May. Written and directed by L Suresh, the movie has Jai, Catherine Tresa, Varalaxmi and Rai Laxmi in key roles. Varalaxmi will reprise the role of the shape-shifting snake which was played by Sripriya in the original film.

The film will feature a black cobra in an important role, and the makers traveled to different destinations in India and Thailand before finding the right snake in Bangkok. However since it could not be used due to various reasons, they shot the scenes using computer graphics.

Neeya 2 was canned in Pondicherry, Talakonam, Chennai, Madurai, and Chalakudi.
Suresh says ‘the similarity between the first part and second part ends with the title, snake and Ore Jeevan song. The screenplay is different. Also children will enjoy the CG scenes involving snake’.

‘Jai has done a remarkable job. There was a particular scene in the film, where Jai had to perform stunts under hot sun. He was fasting during that time, still he gave his best. Rai Laxmi has done her part well and there were sequences, where she had to strain herself physically and mentally. Catherine Tresa is cool and bubbly while Varalaxmi has added strength with her performance.’