Footpaths in Luz Church Road used for parking, rue pedestrians

Chennai: Pedestrians and store visitors using the Luz Church Road are a irked lot as there is no space for them to walk on the footpath as it is occupied by two-wheelers and four-wheelers too are parked alongside the road.

The road which houses many textile showrooms is a busy stretch in which buses ply regularly and with car parked on the sides of the road it occupies some portion of the road, which at sometimes even causes traffic hassle in the stretch.

“From TTK road junction, if we the pedestrians enter the road, initially, we enjoy using the wide footpaths however upon nearing Palam Silks, the footpath becomes thinner only to eventually disappear as vehicles start encroaching it. Without any parking space for the retail showrooms, people leave their cars on the roadside despite this being a no-parking zone. Pedestrians like us struggle to walk on the ever-busy road,” says Sadasivam, a resident of the locality.

On the other side of the road, a multi-speciality hospital uses the footpath as its parking space while a few metres away from it construction debris and garbage are left uncleared on the footpath.

“From Palam Silks store till Nageshwara Rao Park at the end of the road , the scenario is the same. Adding more problem to the already existing one is the space used by the CMRL for soil test. Some of the customers to the stores here have already reported the problem faced by them on a regular basis to the traffic police, even though they have towed the vehicles in recent past, people still occupy the road and the footpath for parking. Strictly penalty has to be levied on the rule-breakers and only then there will be a solution to this problem,” feels Shyamala, a regular visitor.

Aaditya Anand M