Simple skin care tips to brave the summer

The days are hotter than ever in the city. The moment we step out of our homes, it feels like walking into a furnace as we move down the street. These are days when it is very essential to take care of our skin. Last week, News Today offered simple tricks and tips to wear the best outfit this summer when you head to work. Today, its all about skin care.

Stay hydrated
The most obvious yet one of the most commonly missed out habit to stay healthy is we often fail to consume the right quantity of water everyday. As a result, the effects reflect on our skins. Water keeps your skin supple, soft and radiant. Remember to carry water anywhere you go and drink a minimum of 2-3 litres in a day. Water is also very crucial to flush the toxins out from the skin through sweat and urine.

Mask on
It is advisable to choose skin care products that is recommended by your dermatologists. Sunscreen should be your best friend during summers. Always wear sunscreen when you step out of your homes. Choose one that has a broad ultraviolet spectrum. Reapply every three-four hours if you are spending all day in the sun. Wearing a cap, a full sleeve shirt and covering your face with a handkerchief is a simple trick to protect your skin from the harsh sun rays.

Many people misunderstand that the skin need not be moisturized in summer. Skin care in summer calls for a lighter and non-greasy product that suits the weather. So, it is better not to use the ones which you use to moisturize your skin during winter. Winter isn’t coming for a while. Ditch those heavy cold creams and shea butter laden moisturisers for a lighter moisturiser.

Eye care
While choosing moisturizers for your face, remember that the skin around your eyes is much thinner and more delicate. So it is better to pick a good undereye gel that has cucumber or honey. These ingredients keep the skin around the eyes hydrated and prevent wrinkles.

Less makeup
Summer means that you should ease up on the makeup. Wear minimal facial makeup to allow the skin to breathe better. Humidity and heat suppress the skin’s ability to breathe and stress it out. Avoid anything heavy on the face. Focus more on protecting your skin from the fierce sun.

Love thy feet
Most of our focus is on taking care of our face but never forget that your feet carry you around all day and they need care too. Exfoliate the skin on your feet regularly. Use a moisturizer and sunscreen on your feet if you plan on wearing open footwear.

Go green
It is good to remember that your own kitchen might be a storehouse for the best facial cleansers, toners, and moisturizers. Common kitchen ingredients make for the best home remedies in summer. You will find that oatmeal, cucumber, yoghurt can be used as skin care products in the summer.

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