No MLA will quit Congress to join BJP: Siddaramaiah

Bengaluru: “BJP people are lying; no MLA will go with them…. the government that is there will be stable,” said former Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah yesterday.

He assured the government led by Congress-JD(S) coalition was stable. He further flayed the opposition leader B S Yeddyurappa by saying, “he had to resign in three days as Chief Minister. he should be ashamed…but still he is claiming repeatedly that he will become Chief Minister, 20 MLAs will come. From where will they come? No one (is disgruntled in Congress), disgruntled are in the BJP,” the CLP leader said.

His remarks come after Yeddyurappa’s stated that the longevity of the Congress-JDS coalition government in the state would depend on the stand taken by about 20 disgruntled Congress legislators after the Lok Sabha poll results on 23 May.

Siddaramaiah questioned whether the BJP would buy their MLAs and where they would get the money for that.

Dinesh Gundu Rao, Karnataka Pradesh Congress President, also slammed Yeddyurappa for his statement. He said, “Does his (Yeddyurappa) word have any value? Has he been able to do what he has been claiming? Every time he keeps uttering that the government will fall, we have so many people… We have also heard his tapes, promising Rs 20 crore to lure MLAs, where will he get the money from, who is giving?” Rao was referring to the controversial audio tapes.

The tapes came out in February this year and it showed the BJP leader in a purported conversation to lure a JD(S) MLA.

NT Bureau