Kamban Kazhagam at Ambattur strives for growth of Tamil language

Speaker P Saraladevi Peter, Kamban Kazhagam secretary V Subramanian, founder M SP Arunachalam, Tamil sudar awardee, Presidency College, Associate Tamil Professor K Saeik Meeran and Kamban Kazhagam president , Pallathur PL Palaniyappan at an event organised by the organisation.

Chennai: The legacy of legendary Tamil poet Kambar is well known and will live as long as his works are read, studied upon and spoken about.

To speak about his laurels, Tamil activist Kamban Adippodi Saw Ganesan started an organisation in Karaikudi named Kamban Kazhagam, in 1939. The entity works towards the upliftment of Tamil literature.

Having sprouted many branches over the years, the management of the organisation opened up a branch at Ambattur a decade earlier.

In all, Kamban Kazhagam has 50 branches all over the State and four more branches overseas in countries such as France, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Switzerland.

News Today spoke with secretary of the organisation’s wing at Ambattur, V Subramanian, to know more about their works and future plans.

“Kamban Kazhagam was found to promote Kambaramayanam. The organisation strives to promote the language,” said Subramanian.

“It was ‘Narpani thondar’ M S Arunachalam who took the initiative to start the organisation in Ambattur along with thirteen members who were a pillar of support to him,” he said.

Present for more than a decade in the neighbourhood, the organisation inspires and also teaches equality to the society.

“We also teach poeople how to lead their lives the right way with ethics on the basis of Tamil literature,” said Subramanian.

V Subramanian

The organisation conducts monthly speeches and quiz programmes in the neighbourhood and holds free classes to those interested.

“That is the speciality of our organisation. We have conducted more than 400 such free classes and countless quiz competitions to increase interest in our mothertongue among children of this generation,” said Subramanian.

“The free classes are mostly based scripts from Kambaramayana and are being conducted by author U Devadasu for the past eight years,” he added.

Asked what keeps the organisation going, Subramanian said the driving factor is the love for Tamil language and nothing else.

“All of us have extreme love and passion towards Tamil language. The organisation trains those interested and prepares them to take part in Tamil debates with vision and mission. Many authors and Tamil literary people have given speeches at our kazhagam,” said the proud member.

Apart from being the secretary of the organisation, Subramanian himself has published many books and short stories. He takes pride in stating that his best so far has been ‘Valmikiyum Kambarum’, a comparative study that came out in 2015.

“I want those who respect the works done by Tamil scholars to join us in our endeavour and become lifetime supporters,” he declared.
He can be contacted at 9380263341.

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