Chennaiite pens book on road safety

Chennai: Almost all of us are road users but not everyone is following the safety measures that have to be followed while on road. With the increasing population, the vehicles on the road too have increased manifold and road accidents have become frequent these days.

In this day and age, people have to be more responsible and use the road safely feels S Subramanian, a resident of Mylapore, who has penned a book on road safety titled ‘Drive Safe, Be Safe’.

The book was released in February this year, which will make readers to give more importance to be safe on the road, feels the author. Speaking to News Today, he says, “The purpose of the book is to infuse the concept of safety in the minds of all road-users. I feel, this book is a guide and companion for all road-users in understanding the complexity of the problem.”

Elaborating on why he decided to write the book, the author says, “Basically I am an automobile engineer, who retired as an executive engineer from the Border Roads Engineering Services. The invention of automobiles and its developments over the years had changed our way of life beyond our wildest dreams, but it has also brought us serious problems like accidents, pollution, congestions etc. Road safety is one of the most important national subject. Due to the number of accidents nearly a lakh lose their lives in our country every year and this situation demanded a call for a solution and that made me come up with this book,” he says.

He says that major accidents in India happen because of drunken driving and over speeding. “In India in 2017, a total of 76 per cent of the accidents happened due to over-speeding and drunken driving. India is also leading in pedestrian casualty. So this book is not only for drivers but also for the pedestrians.In every chapter, I have mentioned the things that each and every people has to uphold while on road,” he says.

The author says that speciality of the book is that he has quoted nearly 40 real-life incidents on the road. “This book is a compilation of my 20 years of experience on the road. I have served in different parts of India and in different terrains as well, so that experience also helped me quote these real-life incidents.”

When asked about one advice that he intends to give to all road -users, he says “Never take any chance on the road. Driving safe on the road is everyone’s responsibility and duty. If every individual follows this, the number of accidents will automatically reduce as people will be a better road user,” he concludes.

The book was published by Notion Press and it is available in Amazon.

For more details, contact S Subramanian at 98848 28838 or Notion Press at 78240 65968.

Aaditya Anand M