Work for Sky Walk project begins in T Nagar

Chennai: Ever since the Smart City project was earmarked for the neighbourhood, by the Chennai Smart City Limited (CSCL), various amenities like parks, pedestrian plaza, multi-level parking facility, vertical gardens, and more, have been announced.

Now, the latest move is the much-awaited Sky Walk Project, that has been taken up. According to sources, a portion of the compound wall at Railway Border Road near Ranganathan Street was opened to pave way for erecting pillars.

Briefing on this, an official of CSCL, said, “This is a unique facility connecting Mambalam Railway Station on one side with T Nagar bus terminus on the other, through a bridge. As a first step, a portion of the compound wall was grounded to construct a pillar in the area.”

So how long will it take to complete the project?
“It will be done in a phased manner, as several pillars need to be erected till it reaches T Nagar bus terminus. After this, the construction of the over-bridge will be taken up,” he said.

Ever since the wall was grounded, there seem to be some difficulty for authorities like Railway Protection Police and the the government police, to prevent trespassers who pass through this area to reach the Railway Station quickly.

“The work has been stalled as the election code of conduct had come into force. It will be resumed during the end of May,” she pointed out.

It is to be noted that under the Smart City project, Dr Natesan Park, Jeeva and Sharma parks and few more in the neighbourhood, were upgraded and well-received by residents.

On the other side, projects like multi-level parking facility and pedestrian plaza are underway in Pondy Bazaar.

When questioned about the slow progress of the plaza, the official stated, “There are a few technical difficulties like cable-fixing. These are being solved one-by-one. On the other hand, work on the parking facility is also underway.”

G Srinivasan