All smiles

Chennai is among India’s most well-equipped and aware cities when it comes to taking proactive oral care, a leading dental expert has said. This observation by Dr Vimal Arora reiterates results of recent studies which said Chennai is far ahead in terms of the health of its people when compared to other cities in India.

However, the expert has said that there is still much to be done for making effective oral healthcare accessible to people across the country.

He advised people in the city to be alert in wake of the silent threat that lack of oral care poses, and requested doctors to keep sensitising people on oral hygiene. “Given the rising incidence of oral ailments, the government must consider mass oral screening programme under Ayushman Bharat and ensure that dental care in the country gets a quality boost. Along with expansion of infrastructure for better access of dental care, quality of the care was something that the government and private players should step up their focus on,” he said.

In another valid point, Amarinder Singh, chief executive officer of Clove Dental, has said, “While India has a large number of dentists, the infrastructure is woefully inadequate. Sub-standard and unhygienic clinics only add to the problem.”

He however stated that Chennai has shown great promise. With experts giving high marks to the capital city of Tamilnadu, it is time for officials concerned and other stakeholders to ensure that the good show continued.

NT Bureau