Shabnam Foundation conducts awareness sessions on gray water

Micheal Hubert

Chennai: When Micheal Hubert started Shabnam Foundation, a non-profit organisation, little did he know that his efforts will make a huge impact in his locality.

For the last 20 years, Shabnam Resources at Rangarajapuram, has worked on community welfare measures, education, livelihood and medical support for children from rural and semi-urban areas.

In a chat with News Today, Micheal says, “Instead of focusing on the usual subjects which are taught in schools, we concentrate on teaching values and practices which will help children throughout their lives.”

Recently, he organised a seminar on gray water harvesting, in which many residents took part.

Speaking about the initiative, Micheal says, “Gray water is the waste water generated in households or office buildings, except the ones discharged from restrooms. Sources of gray water include sinks, showers, baths, washing machines or dish washers. As they contain fewer pathogens than domestic waste water, it is generally safer to handle and easier to treat.”

He then talks about the necessity to use this. “Our city is suffering from scarcity. So in this juncture, this water provides substantial benefits by reducing the demand for fresh clean water,” he adds.

He is also open to organising more such awareness programmes for residents. “I have noticed that women are willing to learn and adopt eco-friendly methods,” he states.

Reach him at 2472 1379 and 99624 30097, or visit his website at

It’s benefits
* It reduces freshwater extraction from rivers and aquifers
* Creates less impact from septic tanks and treatment plants
* Results in reduction in energy use and chemical pollution from treatment
* Recharges groundwater


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