Group from Chennai makes waves through YouTube channel

Chennai: You think comedy is not for girls? Wait till you hear about the eight powerpuff girls here from Ramapuram, Chennai, who are successfully into acting and are a popular YouTubers now.

The group of college girls together run a YouTube channel named ‘Pori Urundai’ that caters to the likes of youngsters.

In an interview with News Today, Haritha Alamanda, who started the channel with her friends and manages the social media accounts of Pori Urundai, talks about her goals, her secret of success and many more.

Excerpts from the interview:
Q: Can you talk about the origin of Pori Urundai?
A: The reason the channel started was all thanks to my husband Raju. Every time somebody achieves something big, he would point it out to me and tell me about the fact that so many strong women are creating a niche for themselves in the world. Since I had interest in
photography, he gifted a camera and taught me the basics of editing. This paved the way for me to start this channel. One of my friends and I luckily shared a great sense of humour and thus started to come up with our own sketches and scripts.

Q: Why the name Pori Urundai?
A: Me and my friends are all extreme foodies and Pori Urundai is our favourite snack. So we thought this would be the best name to sum us up.

Q: Satire and comedy seems to be the theme of your videos. How do you strike the right balance between them?
A: Comedy is a serious business. And dark humour which correlates satire with comedy has always been a successful venture for ages now. It is easy to balance both of it if we know to place the right dialogues in the right place.

Q: How do you manage between academics and shooting?
A: College is something which we all are clearly focused on, and so we don’t miss out on our classes. We shoot during the holidays after coming up with proper schedules.

Q: How do you come up with the script for your videos?
A: The ultimate theme and objective of the channel is to make videos that make people happy and help them relate to all the incidents that we show on-screen. Our scripts are usually built around hilarious moments that involve our family and friends. Nothing we feature is fictitious, as most of the content and sketches of the scripts are inspired by our everyday encounters.

Q: Would you call your channel ‘socially responsible’?
A: We have come to realize that sometimes a problem is well understood and analyzed by the audience when told in a humorous way. In today’s world, if advice is termed ‘advice’, nobody is willing to accept it. So we do focus on social issues and moral values by talking about it at the end of our videos. Our audience includes both teenagers and young adults, and this is the age group that has to be introduced to ‘the reality’.

Q: Can you talk about the cast and crew of Pori Urundai?
A: Apart from me, the members and cast include Shanthoshri, Farheen, Thangamalar, Lakshmipriya, Dhanalakshmi, Priyadharshini and Nancy. Everybody has been an active part throughout our YouTube journey.

Article by Sadakshi K R

NT Bureau