Civic body, CAG launch campaign on source segregation

Civic body staff along with volunteers from public carrying out door-to-door campaign against waste in city.

Chennai: The Greater Chennai Corporation, along with Citizen Consumer and Civic Action Group (CAG) has launched an initiative to promote zero waste plan for Chennai.

Zero waste is an initiative to divert all the waste going into landfill into recoverable one. With a tagline that says ‘No waste should go waste’, the main aim of the initiative is to achieve 100 per cent source segregation and cent per cent composting of organic waste.

As a first step towards the goal, door-to-door campaign was held 12 May at multiple locations in the city. Each Corporation worker along with a member of the public invited people to take a pledge that they will segregate their waste. The basic idea is not to mix the waste and segregate it as wet waste, dry waste and sanitary waste.

“The goal is that by June 2020 we compost 100 per cent of the waste and at least 50 per cent of the waste is diverted from landfills. Along with the Corporation we are working towards improving infrastructure and planning. Tricycles will be used to collect segregated waste,” said CAG director Sathyarupa.

“We are also working with recyclers who will collect the dry waste and we are tying up with people who can collect plastic and other waste,” she added.

The campaign took place in the north, south and central regions of the city – Anna Park in Royapuram, Kasturbha Nagar community hall in Adyar and Anna Tower Park in Anna Nagar.
A total of 4,112 houses were visited by the organisers out of which 1,697 households took a pledge and signed it. Nearly 329 Corporation staff and officials participated and the campaign will soon spread to other parts of the city, she said.

Article by Sharmada V

NT Bureau