2019 general elections: Exit polls show that DMK will emerge victorious

Chennai: Exit polls conducted by TV news channels this evening after the final phase of voting in the 2019 general elections have shown that the DMK combine would shore up the UPA numbers in the Indian Parliament.

The Times Now-VMR exit polls gives 29 seats to the DMK and allies in the 39 seats it contested in Tamilnadu. The AIADMK combine is likely to pick up 9 seats, says the exit poll.

NewsX-Neta exit poll brings down the number to 17 seats for the DMK and three for Congress in the UPA alliance, eight seats for the AIADMK, and others, 9 seats.

CNN News 18 projects victory for the DMK in 22-24 seats and that AIADMK will pick up 14-16 seats.

According to India TV, the DMK will bag 20 seats and its partner, Congress, 6 seats. The AIADMK will post victory in 10 seats and BJP may have two winners.

News24-Today’s Chanakya exit poll shows that DMK can pick up 31 seats, AIADMK alliance six seats and others, 1.

The India Today exit poll predicts a clean sweep by the DMK alliance by winning 34-38 seats in Tamilnadu and 0-4 for the AIADMK combine.

The NDTV poll gives DMK alliance 26 seats and 11 seats for the AIADMK combine and one for others.

NT Bureau