2019 general elections: Most exit polls point to NDA returning to power

Chennai: Most exit polls conducted by TV news channels predict a win for the National Democratic Alliance at the Centre and a return of the BJP rule in India.

Of the 542 seats in the Indian Parliament, Times Now-VMR exit poll says that the NDA will pick up 306 seats and the Congress will win in 132 constituencies. Others constitute a big number of 104 seats.

The poll of polls of NDTV channel gives 306 seats to BJP-plus and 124 for Congress and its allies.

It will be 218-222 according to the CNN channel-IPSOS exit poll for the NDA and the UPA would land only 57-60 seats.  Others bring up 91-95 seats.

Republic TV poll gives a whopping 305 seats for NDA, and 124 for UPA, Mahagatbandhan, 26 and others, 87.

News Nation exit poll predicts that the BJP-led NDA will sail past the magic figure of 272, winning 282-290 seats, while the Congress-led UPA may get 118-126 seats.

NT Bureau