Ghosala at Indian Bank Colony, Ambattur is a place to watch out

Chennai: Ambattur is a sprawling area that witnesses growth every day. However, with such rapid change comes the need to evolve with the times, the reason why people cannot spot many cows nowadays.

Even if one spots a cow, it would be wandering dangerously onto the road with no care taker in sight.

However, the eastern part of Ambattur has the famous Prasanna Vinayagar Swamy temple and Raghavendra Swamy Brindavan at Indian Bank Colony and the Brindavan also has a Ghosala or pasu madam that is being maintained and run by Sri Vijayeendra Gho-Samrakshana Trust.

Speaking to News Today, the organisation’s trustee, said, “The ghosala has 48 cows at the moment and the milk produced by them along with other products are not sold on commercial basis. Instead, the milk is being distributed free of cost to temples in the neighbourhood.”

Cow dung is also distributed for free for gardening and agricultural purposes to those who seek, said the trustee, asserting that non-commercial approach is practiced there.

“Mobilising the funds is really a big deal to maintain the temple and the cattle. However, volunteers come to our place and help us in maintenance works, including taking care of the cows and cleaning the entire premises,” said the person.

As for the temple itself, the sannidhanam of Sri Raghavendra was constructed in 1990 and the math got shifted to its own land nearby the above mentioned temple soon after. The management of the trust state that devotees contribute to the temple on a monthly basis as part of the Gho-Grassam scheme. The first Kumbabhishekam was done under the guidance of Sathya Pramodha Swamiji of Sri Uttaradhi Swami Math.

“Samasthana poojas are done here by mathiya sambrathaya gurus and the motto here is that no worldly pleasures are important, nor are individuals. Serving for God is the only goal,” said the trustee.

There is annadhaanam too, with the math not collecting money for that. Instead, devotees provide groceries and necessary items for food to be prepared, we were told. They also provide food to many orphanages.

“Thirumalai Thirupathi Devasthanam has a veda parayanam plan and under this Rig Veda, Athir Veda, Sama Veda are recited and taught here. We conduct homams for cancer patients and group prayers are also allowed,” said the trustees.

“No diversity is seen here. People from any religion can come, worship and offer what they wish. This trust keeps going till date because of those who believe that service is the brand of spirituality,” they added.

This article was written by Jaysha J.

NT Bureau