Chemical blast near Congress MLA’s house in Bengaluru kills one

Bengaluru: A 45-year-old washerman man was killed in a blast caused by a chemical near the residence of Congress MLA Munirathna at Vyalikaval locality yesterday morning.

The deceased, Venkatesh, was well known to the MLA, said media reports. Forensic experts arrived at the spot and found a blue plastic packet at the scene. The chemical is said to be used for cleaning plastic floor or plastic moulding.

Speaking to reporters, Deputy Commissioner of Police D Devaraja said it was a unique case and restricted to a very local phenomenon and so nothing to be scared of. Bengaluru Police Commissioner T Suneel Kumar also visited the spot and said a crater had been formed due to the blast and that investigations were on.

A case would be registered under the Explosives Act and investigation would be carried out as to why it was brought to that place. The area was cordonned off.

Reacting to the news, MLA Munirathna said, “Let us wait for the police investigation to be completed it would be wrong to jump to any conclusion until the probe was over because it gives room for unwanted rumours.”

NT Bureau