Heavy vehicles on CTH Road is a cause for concern

Heavy vehicles move freely on CTH Road during daylight despite ban on them.

Chennai: It is a known fact that container lorries should not enter the city during day time, but according to neighbourhood residents, the law is not abided by some.

The Chennai Tiruvallur High Road or CTH Road witnesses many such heavy vehicles coming into the city all day long, they say.

“These vehicles can enter the city only within the time period of 11 pm and 4 am every day. They do not have permission to enter during the day. So, what are the officials doing?,” said Sathish, a resident.

“There is a clear law telling them what to do. But, somehow these lorries come into the city during the day. This will lead to more accidents and there is no point in addressing an issue after lives are needlessly lost,” he said.

Similarly, Shakthi, a resident, said the police must ensure such vehicles do not enter the city easily. “The main reason the lorries were banned during the day was that they caused too much accidents. People lost their lives or got injured. The government gives the family of the deceased solatium, but that is hardly going to erase the loss,” he said.

“I think the government’s recent order to allow water tankers to ply the city roads 24 hours a day to address the water needs of residents is being misused by transporters. Container lorries should not be allowed to enter the city premises until the stipulated time arrives,” said Sathiyavel, a shopowner.

Truck drivers on the other hand, on condition of anonymity, said the government needs to provide them a dedicated truck bay nearby so that they can halt and go. Asked why they are driving during the day, the truck drivers refused to comment.

Residents want authorities to ensure that the ban is upheld and that no mishap takes place due to people flouting rules.


Praveen Kumar S