NGO SPCA stresses on importance of providing water to birds, animals

Chennai: The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has been distributing water troughs to people requesting them to fill water and have them placed in their streets so that the birds and stray animals like cats and dogs can quench their thirst at the height of this summer.

The SPCA has been involved in this initiative for the past four years and the organisation has given away around 700 water troughs this year, which is apparently the highest number of water troughs they have ever given away from the time they started the initiative.

Sokkalingam, from SPCA says, “SPCA has given away about 700 water troughs to people from various areas across Chennai. We have been able to do this with the help of our generous donors who have constantly supported us to serve and help animals better. Till date, we have been delivering and giving away these troughs for free of cost. We believe that this act will bring about an awareness among people to be more sensitive and attentive to animals’ basic need of water during summer. People generally, throw food for animals in the road but little do they think of giving water for them. We are planning to make people understand that animals will also be thirsty just as humans during the hottest season of the year.”

The water troughs that were distributed are placed in areas such as Purasaiwakkam, Anna Nagar, kilpauk, Ambattur, Vepery, Korattur, Perambur, Adyar, T. Nagar, Mylapore etc. Anyone who wants to place a water trough in their street can approach SPCA. It doesn’t require big procedures.

The organisation is not only giving away water troughs, they are also delivering troughs at people’s doorstep. On speaking about delivering water troughs, Dr. Sokkalingam says, “Delivering water troughs at doorstep is becoming a little difficult for us because in order to deliver one water trough, we sometimes have to travel a very long distance and therefore it becomes too taxing for us. We spend about Rs. 300 for petrol/ diesel to deliver water troughs, which in itself costs only Rs. 100. Nevertheless, we are giving it away for free. It would really be nice, if people could come to our organisation and collect them because we receive calls from across the city and there are a lot of practical difficulties in delivering these water troughs. We can deliver to people who are very old and who can’t come to our organisation but we can’t deliver it to every single person who makes a call to us.”

The organisation will be happy if they could get more sponsors for troughs and food for the animals in SPCA. Actress Oviya has reportedly sponsored 100 water troughs to SPCA last week. As a general request, Sokkalingam wants more and more people’s support and love for animals. He wants the public to feed and take care of animals that are there in their own locality. Anyone can bring food for the cows, goat, cats and dogs that are there in SPCA and feed them.

“Animals are prone to heat strokes during summer time, especially dogs. They need clean water, food and shelter preferably a place where there is shade to survive,” he says.

Under Sokkalingam’s guidance, SPCA has been conducting free medical camp in various areas across the city in vaccinating the stray animals and by treating their sickness in regular intervals.

Moreover, the hostel for dogs are in renovation and very soon they will be available for the stray dogs and boarding facilities will also be available once all the work has been completed.

Sokkalingam can be contacted at 96772 97821, 044-2561 1628.

Article by Akshya Ramesh

NT Bureau