Septuagenarian in Chennai beats cancer, turns entrepreneur

Chennai: She wakes up with the sun, does her household chores, packs lunch for her husband, then retires from her homemaker duties and dons the entrepreneur hat. Oh, and did I mention she is only 75 years old? Age is just a number for Bhavri Mehta, a resident of Vadapalani.

Blessed with two daughters and to support her husband, she takes up orders of pickle, papad and other homemade items. To all the women reading this, imagine making kilos of papad at home, every single day. Aching right? But this woman is acing it.

At the age of 71, she was diagnosed with stage three mouth cancer. When all doctors had given up hope, she fought back with her will and determination. She walked over cancer and came out stronger than ever, ready to spring back to her daily routine.

Doctors had advised Bhavri a minimum three months of rest, but this bundle of energy couldn’t be restricted to her bed. In less than a month, she was seen in her office, her kitchen, trying out new recipes. Her doctors were shocked at her undying spirit which resulted in her speedy recovery.
You and I can only imagine how difficult her life is and where most of us choose to give up in the earlier levels of life, she welcomes each and every battle with open arms.

She never complained that God was unfair to her, did not give her sons; she accepted life the way it was handed to her, and found joy in the simplest of things.

If you ever find yourself in Vadapalani and come across a smiling old woman with a walk more energetic than yours, then that’s her. Stop and raise your hands for a high-five, as she gives you the best ones.

Bhavri Mehta resides at Vengeeshwarar Nagar First Main Road, Vadapalani. She can be reached at 63831 96048.

Article by Hunar Mehta

NT Bureau