Art of pot making is dwindling, says 70-year-old pot seller

Chennai: After the age of 60, when it is common that most prefer to stay at home and enjoy spending time with their grandchildren, meet Kousalya, who preferred to sell pots at the age of 70 and has now set up a shop in the city.

A resident of Kutchery Road, Kousalya started selling earthen pots and other clay items by setting up a roadside stall couple of months ago and last month shifted to a shop in Chitrakulam West Street.

Speaking about the reason behind her starting the shop, Kousalya says, “I have completed all my duties as a mother to my children but I was not very happy staying at home. All these years I was confined within the four walls and at least in this latter part of my life, I wanted to come out, meet people and also be independent. That made me start this business.”

Kousalya’s husband passed away many years ago and she, as a single mother raised her children. “At that time I didn’t want to go outside and work and wanted to dedicate my time to children. So I did tailoring from my home itself and raised my children, Now I am very happy that all the five are well-settled.”

Asked about the initial reaction of her family members when she told them her intention to sell pots at this age, she says, “Everyone was shocked to hear it and opposed it citing my age but later they realised that my happiness is important and started supporting me.”

During March this year, she set up a road-side stall near her house in Kutchery road. “My son, however, was not happy seeing me toil and was on the lookout for a shop. Within a few months, we got one in Chitrakulam West Street and I shifted here last month. Paying rent is the only concern here,” she says.

She sells a variety of earthen clay items in different sizes right from the small tumbler to pots. She also has China clay items in her shop. “My forefathers were all pot-makers and coming from that lineage, it is sad that nowadays there is no pot-makers in the city and the art of pot-making is slowly dwindling with no takers,” she says.

Speaking about the sales, she says, “The sale so far has not been so good. Some days I earn more and some days very less. However, I get self-satisfaction and believe that with time, sales will improve.”

Contact Kousalya at 98842 01217 & 99623 99228.

Aaditya Anand M