Park Road veterinary hospital yet to open after completion

Chennai: A newly-built government-owned veterinary hospital near the Post office in Park Road has not started its operations, though it has been three months since construction was completed.

Rengaswamy, a 70-year-old resident of Padi says, “I have visited this veterinary hospital more than twice to treat my pet’s health, I was disappointed every time as the hospital was always locked and there was no security guard or any other person to inquire about the clinic. If the hospital is not completely ready for functioning, why does the government advertise about the same in newspapers?”

He added, “This is the only Government veterinary hospital in the locality. Since this facility is not in working condition, we, Mugappair residents have to go to Vepery, to get our pets treated. Private hospitals charge way too much and it will not be feasible for everyone.”

When News Today visited the hospital situated in a very narrow lane, we found it locked with no name board or signboards and the entrance of the hospital was blocked with bricks and other construction materials.

Sathish, another resident of Mugappair Eri Scheme, says, “These hospitals are built from our tax money, but, they are of no use for us. Also, most of the residents don’t even know about this hospital that has been constructed, as it goes unnoticed and is poorly maintained. The debris has still not been cleared, there are no sign boards to inform people, above all, there is no source to inquire any information about the hospital.”

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The inputs for this story were given by Rengaswamy, a resident of Padi. He is our Neighbourhood Journalist of the Week.

M Anandavalli