Reasons why email marketing is most preferred by digital marketing wizards

Digital marketing experts often come up with various tricks to make sure their content gets the traffic it deserves. With so many information flooding social media platform like Facebook, Twitter and more, it becomes very difficult for businesses to attract customers. However, experts reveal that despite the ever changing digital marketing trends, emails continue to be a big weapon to grab consumers.

According to a report published by Hubspot, about 5.6 billion active email accounts will swarm the digi space by the end of this year. The report added, more than 59 per cent of digital marketers say email is their biggest source of return of investment.

Think about it, posts that stream on social media keep changing every time we refresh. Nowadays, it has become very difficult to actually consume worthy content. Most post online are garbage; fake news, memes, prank videos, yada, yada. We end up getting worthy posts only after going through time wasting worthless content. But when it comes to emails, (having effective marketing ingredient) they often stick to a consumer’s mind and obviously their inbox.

* How to hook netizens?

Marketing wizards offer free products or discounts to get email addresses of potential consumers. This is how it works. Let’s assume that ‘A’ runs an ecommerce apparel site. So every time consumers surf the site, they swipe through the apparel collection. Some may buy, many won’t. But ‘A’ is smart. He offers free goodies to his customers. A dialog box in his site reads: ‘Signup with your email to avail exclusive discounts’.

Consumers get super excited. They signup and as promised, they receive emails with discount codes and other offers which non-registered customers won’t receive. With the newly collected email lists, ‘A’ sends more emails every time his firm comes up with a new product launch. Consumers are naturally happy with good deals. Products sold via email varies from business-to-business. Offering free products like eBooks, podcasts, articles or online courses is a common strategy employed.

* Bones of a mail
Digi experts hook consumers by using simple emails with eye grabbing subject line. For example, an email from a travel website with subject: ‘Nine things to do at Chennai under Rs 100’ is more likely to be opened than, ‘Read article about Chennai trip’. Having simple design, keeping it short, following easy way to unsubscribe, highlighting external links are vital factors that make up a strong and effective email marketing.

* Tools
There are many tools available for email marketing. Experts often say Mailchimp as one of the best tool available (its free until your email subscribers hit 2000+). Several blogs teach newbies how to set up email sign up forms to a website, conduct campaigns, regulate subscriber lists or ideas one can adopt to keep their audience engaged. There are many services other than Mailchimp. Google out.

* Caution
Even though emails are powerful, businesses need to treat it with caution. Sending too much emails – spamming – will make your subscribers run away. Leading digital marketing guru, Neil Patel suggests not to send more than one or two emails a week. Also, make sure to offer time worthy content. Now, that is the most obvious and important marketing strategy of all.

Mohammed Rayaan