Sitting in an AC room all day long is not so cool

Chennai: Summer is already upon us and we are living in an air-conditioned room for most of the day. While experts have spoken much about the sedentary life we lead, not often do we think of the impacts that a cold temperature could have on human body.

We cannot deny that it comforts our body and is synonymous with luxury, but like everything it comes with a cost.

In order to leave the room cold, the device sucks the humidity present in the atmosphere leaving it dry. Being in an artificially-conditioned cold space causes dehydration. Yes, you read it right. Leaving no moisture content, it gives us a break from the scorching sun. Non-consumption of enough water during summer causes heat stroke for which parched tongue and heat exhaustion are notable factors to identify.

Staying in cold room for hours together leads to having headaches. Experts also state that it could also be caused by dehydration which is normally not taken into consideration.

While it sucks out all the moisture and we also forget to drink water, it dries the skin and makes it rough with fine lines. The next comes the important aspect of keeping your house and air-conditioner clean. Bacteria and virus transmit at a faster rate in an air-conditioned room, so if one family member is exposed to allergies, it spreads quickly in an unclean environment.

For people with dry eye problems, such room brings more harm. It leads to burning of eyes, stings and hampers the vision. Although a person would have been resting in an ac room, s/he would still experience fatigue and chronic as it limits activity and makes them more comfortable. The next time you want to sit in an air-conditioned place, think twice.

Bhavani Prabhakar