National Supercross championship to kickstart in Coimbatore

Chennai: The 20th edition of the MRF National Supercross (dirt-bike racing) Championship will kickstart its first round for the year in Coimbatore, 26 May.

The championship is organised by Godspeed racing, spearheaded by the seven times National Motorsports Champion Shyam Kothari and over 200 participants are expected to participate in the event. The tournament will have six rounds, with the first one starting in Coimbatore and will then be held in other cities like Bangalore, Baroda, Indore, Nashik and Goa until December.

Each round has different race categories like SX1 Foreign open, Novice, Locals, Private Indian Experts, Moto 1, SX2 Foreign Open, Junior SX1 and SX2. This event is organized under the supervision and regulations of Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI) is the supreme authority to regulate the motor sports events organized by various clubs in India.

For all the classes FMSCI regulates the rules and safety of the riders. Each rider should have FMSCI licenses and insurance for the rider and the bike. Riders should also give their medical physical test report before the race event to avoid illegal activities. The standard of tracks are high and the championship also has a special category for upcoming riders under the age of 13 to 16.

Rider Harith Noah is the defending champion having won the championship in the last two years. Other prominent riders include, AW Tanveer, KP Arvind and Rugved Barguje.

The scrutiny for the race will start by 25 May and at 10 am, 26 May, the race will kickstart at Jenneys Residency, Coimbatore.

NT Bureau