‘Owdatham’ to release 24 May

The medical thriller titled ‘Owdatham’ which saw legal troubles after it was completed finally set for release 24 May.

Starring Nethaji in the lead, the movie is based on his personal experience with a diabetes-specialist found to be involved in criminal activities and the unlawful prescription of medicines. Besides playing the lead, Nethaji also bankrolls the film. Sameera plays his love interest.

When plans were made to release the movie a month ago, it saw petition filed against it and the release was stayed. Nethaji went to court again and got the stay vacated.

“When I was ready to release the film directed by Ramani a few months back, a person called Amjad Khan approached me and agreed to release the film in three months on outright purchase and also pay a certain amount. The expiry date of the agreement had passed and he was dodging and did not give even a single penny. When I was to release the film I got the shocking news that the Madras High Court has stayed Owdatham’s release. After probing, I came to know that he has written that I had received Rs 80 lakhs from him and that the film belongs to him. He had made changes in the agreement by writing in the space above my attested signature in the photocopy of my address proof. After fighting my case in the court and proving my innocence, I got the stay vacated.”

NT Bureau