2019 general elections: It is a victory for the people of India, declares Modi

Chennai: The people of India have today proved they stood for the country. If anyone has won today, it is India and its people, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the BJP headquarters this evening, after the impressive win by the NDA alliance in the 2019 general elections.

With the BJP poised to secure absolute majority on its own, he said, “We, along with our NDA allies, today dedicate this victory to the people of the country.”

Promising to do nothing for himself but everything for the country, he said he would carry even his rivals along.  

“Democracy teaches us that the government is formed out of a majority, which we have, but the country goes forward with everyone’s consent. We will take everyone together and despite this mandate we will lead in a humble way,” he said.

“I will not work with any ill-will, and I urge you to criticise me when I go wrong,” said the Prime Minister.

He pointed out that this election witnessed the largest voter turnout despite the intense heat. “This shows the strength of the Indian democracy,” said the Prime Minister proudly.

Stating that they never diverted from their path, the BJP honcho rightfully said this is a journey from two seats in Parliament to a second term in Parliament.

By emphasising that we need to leave the 20th century mindset of political pundits behind, Modi also seized the opportunity to take a dig at the Opposition.

He said those who wore the mask of secularism have not been able to spread their lies among the people of the country since 2014.

There are only two castes now, he said: the poor and those fighting to get the poor out of poverty.

India has never seen an election where inflation was not an issue, this time it was not so because we have worked hard to ensure that, said the Varanasi MLA with pride.

NT Bureau