Congrats, Modi

2014. A Modi wave swept the nation. The BJP-led NDA alliance captured power with a thumping majority. Five years later, amidst much speculation of anti-incumbency, GST, demonetisation, Rafael and the Opposition strength might prove to be a challenge for Modi and his men, the BJP proved everyone wrong bettering their previous record. 2019 saw the BJP individually crossing the 300 seats mark and the grand alliance touching 350.

A phenomenal achievement, considering the current political situation. They rewrote several records. Modi became the only Prime Minister after Jawaharlal Nehru to win successive elections with individual majority. The wave was intact.

The master architect of this triumph was no doubt Amit Shah. With his strategies and tactics, he had always kept the cadres on the ground enthused. If retaining their vote share in Uttar Pradesh was considered a phenomenal feat, the party making inroads into eastern India and challenging Mamata’s bastion surprised many. And when everyone wrote off the BJP in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh, where they lost power recently to Congress, the party literally swept the Lok Sabha polls winning maximum number of seats from these three States.

The Congress, though it fought a good battle, has lots to ponder about. It is time they revisited their strategies. Being reduced to zero in 17 States, it is time for introspection for the grand old party of the country. Take away Tamilnadu and Kerala from its tally, it would cut a really sorry figure. Finally, the Left has been left out of the race. They could manage only five seats and the future looks bleak for them.

NT Bureau