Chennai students’ social media page is a huge hit

Chennai: Who doesn’t like to doodle? The universally-loved activity that was earlier considered as something done to beat boredom, has now evolved into a creative pursuit for many; thanks to social media.

Meet neighbourhood youngsters, Elsa Mario Jojo, Shirley Krupa C and Andrea D’Silva, all MBA students, who have taken to Instagram to show and share their love for doodles. Their page @doodle_itwithlove, is a fun-filled explosion of art, each drawing unique and vibrant in its own way.

Speaking to News Today, Shirley talks about how they started this. “I have always noticed Elsa drawing. She has attended classes too. Her artistic sense is brilliant. There was a point when she started doodling random funny creatures in class. That was when one of our friends, suggested that we should promote the art and create a social media page,” she says.

Soon, the trio joined hands to take it forward. While Elsa is responsible for creating the art, Shirley takes care of promoting through social media, and Andrea works on managing the financial side of their projects.

“We often spread our work through word-of-mouth. Many people who see the art, get inspired to try it themselves,” she says.

Shirley proceeds to narrate how a doodle comes about. “For one of our project, Elsa doodled the word ‘Jacob’ and around it, she drew various creatures,” she says.

“We adapt the buyer’s personality to make the piece more personal. So we ask them about their favourite books, movies, songs and common phrases they use. Such words are doodled throughout the page. The design takes hours to be perfect,” she states.

As of today, the team has received about 150 to 200 orders, and has also been requested to re-design walls of cafes.

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Mohammed Rayaan