Over 2,000 people watched rocket launch from new gallery at Sriharikota

Chennai: It was a dream came true moment for the space lovers as they witnessed the launch of Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle C-46 just 4 kms away from the launch pad.

More than 2,000 space science enthusiasts flocked all over from India to the Sathish Dhawan Space Centre at Sriharikota to take part in the marvel which took place recently. The gallery inaugurated 31 March, is in the form of a stadium that gives a clear view of the launch.

The Central Industrial Security Force guarding the ISRO, guided the visitors to the parking area which is built right next to the gallery. Two large screens fixed in front of the gallery explained about the details of the space mission.

As the time for launch approached, crowd geared up to cheer. With the visitors counting down in unison and the ball of fire emerging amidst the woods, it was a surreal experience. The sound of the rocket piercing through the atmosphere and the trembling of the ground made the gathering go mute and gape in awe.

People witnessing launch of the rocket from the newly constructed gallery at Sriharikota recently.

The amused crowd gave a standing ovation when the Radar Imaging Earth Observation Satellite carried by the rocket ejected and launched into the satellite’s orbit. The golden trail of smoke let by the rocket is a sight to behold. Apart from this, the food stall put up behind the gallery was a blessing to the family visitors.

The wonderment has to be experienced by every citizen. For that, all they have to do is register on the official website before the next rocket launch and carry a government authorised identity card with them.

Article by Sureka Rajasekar

NT Bureau