Poorly-maintained toilets in Trustpuram irk residents

Chennai: Residents of Trustpuram are increasingly concerned about the lack of maintenance in two public toilets, at Puliyur Second Main Road and Puliyur First Lane.

Both the facilities, which were installed several months ago, are now unusable. According to sources, the one at Puliyur Second Main Road, which is located near a petrol bunk, is broken and has been used a space to dump garbage in the corner.

Residents also allege that construction equipment and objects such as large cement rings that are placed under manhole lids, are kept here.

“It is difficult for motorists to commute, as sometimes a large number of rings are placed here in the corner,” informed a shop keeper at the main road. “The stench is also unbearable and the place serves as breeding zone for mosquitoes,” he added.

Likewise, residents living near Puliyur First Lane, also alleged that the toilet here is in a pathetic situation for a long time now.

“It lies close to an electric junction box,” said a resident. “Since many don’t use it, waste is now being disposed close to the spot,” they said.While visiting the site, the pavements nearby were also seen in battered conditions. Residents now hope that this pressing issue is addressed at the earliest.

NT Bureau