Road ahead for Modi

The humongous win for BJP-led NDA across the nation in the Lok Sabha elections has shown that the people have reposed their faith in the leadership of Narendra Modi.

The Congress has been completely decimated. With a huge mandate, Modi is all set to resume office for the second consecutive term. It is now action time for the Chowkidar, as he claims himself to be.

Remember last elections: Modi made an appeal to the people to give him the nation for 10 years and he will transform it as a nation worth living in?

Experts say Modi 2.0 has greater responsibility on their shoulders. Be it economic, social or political spheres, a lot is expected from him and his new team. From getting more investments to creating more job opportunities for youth should be his primary concern. One of the poll planks of the Opposition, including the Congress, this elections was declining employment opportunities across the country. Modi had said recently that the youth in India are becoming job creators and that the government is committed to harnessing India’s demographic dividend. He underlined the three C’s – capital, courage, and connecting with people – which is required to excel in start-ups. It is time for him to walk the talk.

A section feels that Modi should repay the faith reposed in him by the people by coming out with welfare measures to benefit end-users. With a clean image, he has certainly won people’s faith. And now it is time for some tough decisions in the social sphere. He had proved in the past that he was not averse to such acts. Hopes are high on Modi and the nation waits with confidence that he will deliver.

NT Bureau