Spanish film festival in city from 28 May

Chennai: Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation, Instituto Cervantes, New Delhi, and Honorary Consulate of Spain and Head of Mission in Chennai are organising a Spanish film festival at Alliance Francaise of Madras, College Road, from 28 to 30 May.

The festival will be inaugurated by Honorary Consul of Spain and Head of Mission, Chennai, Antony Lobo. Indo-French Cultural Centre, Chennai, executive director, Bruno Plasse, will be the chief guest. Actress Vinodhini will light the lamp and ICAF president Sivan Kannan will preside over the function, a press release said. For details, contact – 2821 2652.

The schedule

28 May: Truman directed by Cesc Gay at 6:15 pm
29 May: Happy 140 by Gracia Querejeta at 6 pm and
Butterfly’s Tongue by Jose Luis Cuerda at 7.30 pm
30 May: My Big Night by Alex de la Iglesia at 6 pm and Hassan’s Way by Fran Araujo at 7:30 pm


Julian receives an unexpected visit from his friend Tomas, who lives in Canada. The two men, accompanied by Julian’s faithful dog, Truman, will share emotional and surprising moments prompted by Julian’s complicated situation.

Happy 140
An ensemble film that starts off as a light-hearted party à la The Big Chill or Peter’s Friends, but ends up leaving a bitter, sad and distressing aftertaste. Why? Because money – that ‘powerful knight’ that Francisco de Quevedo once spoke of – eats away at everything: friendships, families, fidelity, couples, trust… it is a tidal wave that destroys relationships when it comes to assume too much importance in our lives.

Butterfly’s Tongue
In a small rural Spanish village, eight-year-old Moncho emerges from a sheltered childhood to begin his first day of school. Told by his elder brother that teachers beat little boys, Moncho is so terrified that he runs away from the school and spends the day and night hiding in the nearby forest. His teacher, however, is a kind-hearted man and personally goes to Moncho to ask him to return to his classroom. There, Moncho finds solace and comfort under his teacher’s wing and embarks on his first journey into knowledge and life. Impassioned by his environment, Moncho begins to explore the life that surrounds him, witnessing the passionate embrace of a young couple while experiencing the power of unrequited love.

My Big Night
Jose, unemployed, is sent by a temp agency to work as an extra for the recording of a special New Year’s Eve programme, in mid August. Hundreds of people like him have been shut indoors day and night for a week and a half while they pretend to laugh, stupidly celebrating the false arrival of the New Year. Is there place for love amid the uncontrollable chaos? An ensemble comedy from Álex de la Iglesia.

Hassan’s Way
After 13 years in Spain, Hassan is jobless and decides to go back home to Morocco. He invests all his savings in a second hand tractor to earn a living in his country and takes on to the road. At the end of the road awaits his family and a new life in his village. A real journey played by a real man who travels, town to town, meeting with unforgettable characters and overcoming obstacles making this journey a real odyssey.

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