India 4th costliest place to buy iPhones after Br…

Apple iPhones are still notoriously expensive all around the world, but globally India has the 4th highest price of iPhones in the world, according to report by Deutsche Bank.

Dwindling sales of the iPhones, along with trade tensions with China, have forced the American major to hike the prices of iPhones. Nearly all countries in the Deutsche Bank’s ‘Mapping the World’s Prices 2019’ survey sold iPhone XS’s for more than the US price. Brazil had the highest price at $2,050, 64 per cent more expensive than in the US. Nigeria is the only country in the list with iPhone prices lower than the US.

In India, an iPhone XS costs $1,635, and it stands behind only Turkey and Argentina, where the smartphone costs $1,880 and $1,776 respectively. The company, however, is starting to take a different approach to boost its sales in the Indian market.

It is capitalising on older iPhones by assembling them in India and selling them at a lower cost. In an earnings call with analysts after declaring Q2 results earlier this month, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company has made some adjustments in India and have seen preliminary some better results here.

Giving an impetus to its India manufacturing plans, Apple has started the assembling of iPhone 7 at its supplier Wistron’s facility in Bengaluru.

NT Bureau