Modi performs rituals at Kasi Viswanathar temple at Varanasi

Chennai: Prime Minister-elect Narendra Modi today prayed at the Kasi Viswanathar temple while in Varanasi to thank the people of his constituency for electing him a second time to the Lok Sabha.

Modi, who arrived in Varanasi this morning, drove in a cavalcade to the ancient temple on the banks of the Ganga.

He was assisted in the rituals by the priests present in the shrine.

Modi did abhishekam with the holy Ganga water for the Siva Lingam and then draped it with a silk cloth.

A battery of photographers thronged the temple to record Modi’s visit to Kasi Viswanathar temple. A giant TV screen was fixed outside the temple for people to view the rituals being performed inside.

Modi is expected to meet BJP workers next to personally thank them for his resounding victory.

Then will come a victory rally in the town of Varanasi to thank the voters for supporting him.

NT Bureau