Prince of Arcot hails Modi on his remarks on minorities

Chennai:┬áThe Prince of Arcot, Nawab Mohammed Abdul Ali, has welcomed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement on minorities, in which he set his MPs and NDA government the ‘challenge’ of winning minority communities’ ‘faith, trust and support.’

While expressing his happiness over the genuineness of the Prime Minister’s intent to ally the fears of the minorities and instill confidence in them, the Prince of Arcot in a press release said the first step in this direction would be to strictly enforce the law against violent mobs indulging in lynching in the name of cow protection.

The Prince of Arcot appealed to the Prime Minister to take efforts to educate such extremists and make them realise that their violence not only brings a bad name to our country in the world, but also to their own religion, Hinduism, which preaches nothing, but peace.

India has always been a multi-religious and multi-cultural country, where people of all faiths have lived and are living in harmony and exemplified the doctrine of ‘Unity in Diversity’. Any effort to break this unity must be dealt with iron hand, because India’s progress and development cannot be fully achieved by isolating the minorities, he added.

The Prince of Arcot also praised the Prime Minister’s symbolic gesture of bowing before the Constitution of India, and said that if the Prime Minister can win the confidence of the minorities, it is only by upholding the secularism and democracy, as enshrined in the Constitution.

NT Bureau