Chain-snatching incidents on rise in Porur, residents demand CCTV

Chennai: Chain-snatching incidents at Porur locality in Chennai have gone up say the residents here. The recent case where two bikers snatched a 13-sovereign gold chain from a couple last week has been condemned by many here.

“Chain snatching has become common and we have been complaining about this for a longtime. Even after a number of cases registered, no CCTVs have been installed in many of the interior stretches. More than losing our valuables, we elderly people fear for our lives,” says Ramachandran, a senior citizen living in this area.

Last week, a couple were on their way to a relative’s house at Kattupakkam when two bikers followed them and snatched the woman”s gold chain. Although she tried not to give up on the chain, her husband, who was riding the bike, lost balance and both of them fell down. The men got away with her chain. She suffered injuries on her neck and was rushed to a nearby hospital.

“Such people are playing with the victims’ lives. This couple luckily escaped with a minor injury. These culprits should be punished,” says another angry resident, Goutham.

The people in the neighbourhood are also concerned about women’s safety. “I am an IT employee and I work in alternative shifts. During nights, no patrolling is done in this area, and many streets lack proper lighting,” rues Geetha, a resident of Ramapuram.

Seeking action against these crimes, the residents say that they have been requesting for installation of CCTVs in the interior areas of Porur and also want continuous police patrolling during night time.

Article by PT Usha

NT Bureau