Modi is charismatic, Rahul shouldn’t resign, says Rajini

Chennai: “All over India there is a pro-Modi wave. In Tamilnadu there is an anti-Modi wave. In politics, those who swim against the wave, are washed away. Those who swam with the current have won,” said actor-turned-politician Rajinikanth, speaking to reporters about the Lok Sabha election results at his Poes Garden residence here today.

Calling Narendra Modi a ‘charismatic leader’, Rajini said that he has received an invite to attend the swearing-in ceremony of the Prime Minister’s second term and confirmed that he would be traveling to New Delhi soon.

Rajini said, “Irrespective of State or Central politics, victory is determined by the leader of a party. Modi is a charismatic leader and the (NDA’s) victory is the victory of Narendra Modi. After Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and Vajpayee, it is Modi. It is similar in Tamilnadu. There was Anna, Kamarajar, Kalaignar, MGR, and Jayalalithaa.”

On questions why Modi magic failed in Tamilnadu, Rajini said, “Definitely, here, issues like hydrocarbon, Sterlite, NEET, and the opposition’s cyclonic propaganda and campaign were all reason (for BJP-AIADMK alliance’s loss).”

He added, “They have to take Tamilnadu seriously. They have come forward with a very good project of joining of rivers, especially the Godavari, Cauvery and Krishna. They must implement it as fast as possible.”

On Congress’ embarrassing poll results, Rajini also said that Congress president Rahul Gandhi must fight on. He said, “I would not say Rahul Gandhi lacks leadership qualities. In my observation, the senior Congress leaders have not cooperated well. It is very difficult to handle an age-old-party like Congress. As a youngster, it is very difficult to handle all the senior people.”

“Rahul Gandhi should not resign. He should stand firm and prove that he can do it. In a democracy, the opposition party is as important as the ruling party. Now our ruling party is strong. I expect that the opposition party also should be strong,” Rajini added.

Rajini also appreciated his friend and political foe Kamal Haasan for his debut poll performance. “To get close to four per cent vote share in a Lok Sabha election within 14 months of forming a party is noteworthy. I congratulate him.”

NT Bureau