Online community Confused Parent helps families in raising children

Chennai: Confused parent? Well, today we have something for you. Read on.

Earlier we had joint families with grandparents constantly guiding us during all phases of life, helping us raise children, etc.

But with ‘modernisation’, the concept of nuclear families have bombarded our lives. It is becoming increasingly difficult for working parents to take care of their children and raise them efficiently.

Most new-mommies rely on sources like YouTube to clear their queries about pregnancy, periods, food, nutrition, the list goes on. Confused Parent, one of the top-10 parenting communities in India is a space wherein mothers can connect and share their experiences and seek inputs.

“Started in May 2016, the reason that prompted me to initiate ‘Confused Parent’ was when I was researching for information around pregnancy and motherhood online when I conceived. While there was plenty of information, most of it was scattered across the web and there were very few forums to help mothers with relevant information about planning pregnancy & the journey there-on,” said Ekta Chawla, founder of Confused Parent.

From planning pregnancy, healthcare to early education, it aims to provide information and support to parents and also connect with experts to ease the journey of parenting.

“While we are delighted with the progress, we would like to get more moms onboard to create content and help each other through the journey of motherhood. We are also looking to build a team and create content in multiple Indian languages, such as Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, to help moms ask questions and get responses in their language,” adds Ekta.

India has over 20 million children born every year and hence such platforms are very important as it contributes to healthy upbringing of children. “As a mother myself, I know how difficult and challenging motherhood can be. From deciding which gynecologist to visit, what to eat during pregnancy, how many months before you can stop breastfeeding, which playschool to choose, dealing with academics, puberty and mood swings, each and every level of parenting comes with its ups and downs. But being a mother is a beautiful feeling and I hope I am doing my bit in making this journey a tad-bit easy and memorable,” says the not-so-confused parent.

As they scale further, they plan to bring in doctors, education consultants, child development specialists, who can offer expert advice. If you are looking to find details about the best maternity hospitals or IVF centres in your city, baby care essentials, playschools/schools in your city or child food and nutrition, they have you covered. While they do have select doctors write on their platform, they do not give any ‘medical advice’. They recommend that mothers always check with their doctor for any medical symptoms and concerns.

“Parenting continues to be quite challenging in today’s always-on era, where both the parents spend a lot of time on the mobiles/laptops even at home. Confused Parent tries to offer crisp information to parents, and encourages parents to spend quality time with their children. Equal parenting, where both the father and mother, take on responsibility for various aspects of a child’s growth is also something we actively promote and encourage on the platform,” adds Ekta.

Article by Hunar Mehta

NT Bureau