Ramapuram residents fume over delay in bridge-widening project

Chennai: The Ramapuram junction in Chennai is one of the busiest ones in the neighbourhood, and the ongoing bridge extension work here is hampering the movement of vehicles on this stretch.

As part of this project, motorists are not allowed to take the usual left turn at the junction and are instead made to take an alternative one. This not only results in traffic congestion but also leads to confusion among motorists.

“For a long time, we have been asked to take an alternative route because of the ongoing work. But we see no development in the process. This makes our travel a painstaking one,” fumes a resident.

The closure of the route has added to existing problems, such as lack of signal posts, potholes and pollution. Says Ravi, a worried motorist, “It takes double the time to cross this junction, especially during peak hours.”

Venkatesan, a Ramapuram resident, reveals that encroachments along the stretch are also behind the delay. “These commercial establishments are refusing to cooperate with the extension work,” he points out.


“Only when the project gets complete, vehicles will have a breathing space to move. Encroachments should be removed with immediate effect, and a traffic cop should be stationed here to guide the motorists properly. Also, a separate space should be provided for pedestrians and officials should see that no vendors occupy it,” suggests Raja from Ramapuram.

Article by P T Usha

NT Bureau